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you so can't you have to attract moshlings buy planting seeds thats why its there for you none of the cheats work so its best to plant and get them with seeds but you can only do it with roxy buy typing in the secret code box under your pass word HOBBIDIDANCE and then go to your moshling garden you will get a very special flower. Roxy is the only moshling that you can get to plant your own two seeds. Or if your a member then you can play the missions and each misison you will get a diffrent moshlings(for members only) if your a moshi member it's best to get the moshlings with the seeds without colours and then get the harder moshlings with colours.Theres quite alot of diffrent moshlings to get but if you can't get the colour you want then you have to keep replanting the seed until you get the right .If you dont know any cheats for moshlings on moshi monsters in google web you type in moshi monster cheats and it tells you all the diffrent moshlings you can get and with all the seeds you need to plant hope we hepled add us kittens566 cians1990 floppyears7777