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at the shop u talk to the blob guy and get all the items on the floor and then click your items bag and drag the items on the shelves were the other one of them belong and then get the moldy, dirty, old sock and talk to the blob guy and tell him to go to the place.......... and then when u changed place's u get the old sock and then drag it to u and get the morf stone and drag it to u and then get the stick with leaves by the bushes and then drag it to the hole on the ground and then when a glump passes by it falls into the hole and then a glump ID will appear on the ground near the hole so u get the ID and click on the door leading to the thingi magig and then answer the questions and when he asks you the quetion where he says: What is the glumps secret password for today u say password and then he will let u in and then when u r in u see this hole in the wall and then u click on it and then after talking click on the elevator and then scroll right and click on the alarm button

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